We seek highly skilled, qualified and motivated contractors who have the initiative and commitment to work in some of the world's most challenging environments.

Applicants should hold current professional registration (if applicable), qualifications and experience relevant to their professional skill set. Experience of working in remote site locations is advantageous. Applicants should have English language skills, be PC literate and have a good level of health and fitness.


Position Sector Contract Length Location Reference
Ghanaian Offshore Doctors Oil & Gas from November 2019 - ongoing Ghana GOD
NMC Registered Nurses Oil & Gas ongoing/employment Hampshire, UK NMCRN
Brazilian Registered Doctors Oil & Gas 4 months project Brazil BRD
Myanmar Offshore Doctors Oil & Gas Ongoing/ad hoc Offshore Norway MOD
Norwegian Registered Nurses Oil & Gas Ongoing/ad hoc Offshore Norway NRN
Occupational Health Physician Oil & Gas Ongoing Aberdeen OHP
Offshore Malaysian Doctor Oil & Gas February – 6 months Offshore Malaysian - Sarawak and Sabah OMD
French & English Speaking Doctors Humanitarian Ongoing West Africa FESD
French & English Speaking Nurses Humanitarian Ongoing West Africa FESN
French & English Speaking Medics Humanitarian Ongoing West Africa FESM
Occupational Health Nurse Oil & Gas Permanent Aberdeen OHNAB
Tanzanian Local National Doctors/Nurses Oil & Gas Ongoing Tanzania TLNDN
Ugandan Local National Doctors/Nurses Oil & Gas Ongoing Uganda ULNDN
Offshore Nurses Oil & Gas Ongoing North Sea ONNS
Eastern European Doctors and Nurses Various Ongoing Worldwide EEDN
Offshore Medic Oil & Gas Ongoing North Sea OMNS

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